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Business Succession Planning

Succession Planning: A Blueprint for Your Clients' Future

At CFG Brokerage Network, we will support advisors to make sure the smooth transfer of their clients business to its successors at retirement, death or disability. It’s all part of succession planning, which is based on a properly designed and funded buy-sell agreement. A buy-sell agreement can determine who takes over the business and at what value. Having a buy-sell plan in place can help eliminate potential conflicts among existing or future business partners. In most cases, it will also help ensure that continuing profits go to shareholders who are active in the business, rather than inactive family members or outside parties.

More importantly, upon the death of a shareholder, a buy-sell agreement makes certain that the shareholder’s heirs receive a fair price for their interest. This also converts an illiquid interest into cash that can provide a stable income for surviving family members.

Let Us Help You Prepare Your Clients' for Their Exit (even if it's years away...)

To help ensure the viability of your clients business and the financial freedom of their family for generations to come, let us show you appropriate design and funding alternatives for your clients closely held business.