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Business Protection

CFG Brokerage Network will guide advisors in taking action with their clients to protect themselves and their business from the unexpected. Our team delivers options to protect their business against the loss of an owner, an essential employee, and other future uncertainties. Alongside the advisor, CFG Brokerage Network will help develop and implement these protection plans in order to help ensure that the success and vision of the business is not lost in the presence of unexpected events.

CFG Brokerage Network will assist advisors in the business protection process by:

  • Helping your clients protect their business from the unexpected death of key employees or owner(s)
  • Helping your clients protect their business if they become disabled
  • Helping protect their business from disability of key employees or owner(s)

As an advisor it is always important to be thinking about the Next Steps:

  1. Have Them Take Stock: Inventory the programs they already have implemented and determine a timeline to have them reviewed.
  2. Review Personnel: Determine who their most valuable employees are. If those employees are critical to the success of their business, develop a strategy to make sure their business  is protected in the event of death or disability.
  3. Think Big Picture: Begin working with CFG Brokerage Network to outline your client’s long-term personal and business financial goals. Planning for the unexpected is just as important as planning for your expected growth, diversification or even the sale of their business.