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Long-Term Care Insurance



CareChoice One:


is a single premium whole life insurance policy that allows people to use a portion of their personal savings to create a larger pool of long term care benefits. The policy provides three important guarantees:

  • A guaranteed pool of long term care benefits (LTC Benefit Pool);
  • A guaranteed death benefit equal to the policy face amount; and
  • A guaranteed surrender value that increases over time

The initial LTC benefit pool is comprised of the policy death benefit plus an Extended LTC Coverage amount.

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Whole Life with Long Term Care Access Rider:


A Legacy Series policy with the LTCAccess Rider may provide additional benefits to help meet your future long term care needs. This may help ease the financial strain that often accompanies the need for care, and may help:

  • Give you more control over how and where you receive care;
  • Relieve your family and friends of the burden of your care by providing an additional source of funds to help pay long term care expenses;
  • Maintain your spouse or partner’s standard of living;
  • Preserve your other assets and help provide a legacy for your family.

Including the LTCAccess Rider as part of your overall long term care planning may help you maintain your independence and dignity by giving you additional care options at a time when you are not able to care for yourself.

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