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Protection Analysis Review

Protection-Analysis-img01Life Insurance Audit: Life insurance can be the foundation of your clients’ financial security and can provide comfort and stability for their family. While some life insurance policies provide them with financial protection for the short term, others accumulate cash value, offering a living benefit that can be used for supplemental retirement income, funding for a child's education, or cash for emergencies.¹

CFG Brokerage Network will audit your clients’ current policies and provide recommendations to fill in gaps to better meet their personal goals and future visions.

Disability Insurance Review: As an advisor you may know a sudden interruption of income — due to an extended period of sickness or injury — can have serious financial consequences for many of today's employees. Your clients’ may receive group long term disability benefits through their employer. Let us help you uncover the benefits that are available through your clients group long term disability coverage are adequate for their needs. Group long term disability benefits are taxable if their employer pays the premiums, may be capped at a relatively low amount, and may not cover variable income such as bonuses or commissions. As such, these benefits may not be enough to maintain their lifestyle or pay all their bills if they become too sick or injured to work.

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